Funny or Die

Most people will never know the feeling of holding a life in the palm of their hands.  That knowledge that you control whether something lives a long, fruitful life, or if it will die a slow, painful death……Well now you can!  Our new sketch is up on Funny or Die, and it needs YOUR help to live.  So go check it out, and vote “funny.”  Or “not funny” if you are a humorless bastard.

Savage Sighting!

We don’t want to assume that we’re the first sketch comedy group to have their logo represented by dominoes, someone must have used the Python foot by now, but we must at least be in a very elite club that now has. These pictures come courtesy of Mike Perrucci, who recently set up his annual domino course at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center in Vermont. Mike is a frequent collaborator with Lesser Known Savages, both in acting and art direction. He’s the one conveniently located in the yellow box in the second picture. Be sure to check out and for even more domino goodness (as well as a ton of other cool shit).

LKS Dominoes

LKS Logo in Dominoes

In addition, Mike was modeling our sweet new t-shirt.
Mike and his domino course

America's Next Top Model

Thanks, Mike!

Our Post-Screening Post…

A big thanks again to all that came out to our screening last weekend.  Judging from the amount of beer sold, it was a big success!  It was great to finally get some feedback from the masses, and we’d like to share some quotes that we received after the screening:

“Very funny.  You guys crack me up.”

“More Jello!”   (We’re working on that)

“…the whole show was hilarious.”   (Thanks Dad!)

“Don’t think any of the sketches were worthless.”  (Possibly the highest praise we received)

“Great variety of content and really innovative.  Visually very fun to watch.”

“…masturbation humor is too easy!”   (We write what we know)

“I like the wordplay mixed with social satire.”

“Everything was hysterical except don’t pick on helpless kittens and kids.”   (Never!)

“Explain it to me!”  (Where to begin?)

“Sketch variety and imagination was great!”

“More nudity, please.”   (We couldn’t agree more)

“Laughed my ass off.”   (Our condolences)

“I *heart* Dan.”   (Don’t we all?)

Welcome to the Lesser Known Savages

Lesser Known Savages is a sketch comedy group made up of a contractually bound group of friends. The members are unknown – not because no one is aware of their identities, but that no one cares that they exist. (However, it may very well include Jem Jurin, Greg Keck, Dan Lezoche, Steve Perrucci, Kyle Strawser and Carl Zenobi.) All sketches are written, performed, directed, edited, animated, mixed and scored by the Savages (except where blatant music-theft has occurred).

Lesser Known Savages’ sketches are loosely based on the wild ravings of a Libertarian Buddhist’s blog that subliminally promoted ancient Sumerian goulash recipes and jazzercising. Lesser Known Savages are held together with subatomic bonds repaired with duct tape. They are a choking hazard and should be kept away from Hari Krishnas. (They’ll eat anything!)