Welcome to the Lesser Known Savages

Lesser Known Savages is a sketch comedy group made up of a contractually bound group of friends. The members are unknown – not because no one is aware of their identities, but that no one cares that they exist. (However, it may very well include Jem Jurin, Greg Keck, Dan Lezoche, Steve Perrucci, Kyle Strawser and Carl Zenobi.) All sketches are written, performed, directed, edited, animated, mixed and scored by the Savages (except where blatant music-theft has occurred).

Lesser Known Savages’ sketches are loosely based on the wild ravings of a Libertarian Buddhist’s blog that subliminally promoted ancient Sumerian goulash recipes and jazzercising. Lesser Known Savages are held together with subatomic bonds repaired with duct tape. They are a choking hazard and should be kept away from Hari Krishnas. (They’ll eat anything!)