Our Post-Screening Post…

A big thanks again to all that came out to our screening last weekend.  Judging from the amount of beer sold, it was a big success!  It was great to finally get some feedback from the masses, and we’d like to share some quotes that we received after the screening:

“Very funny.  You guys crack me up.”

“More Jello!”   (We’re working on that)

“…the whole show was hilarious.”   (Thanks Dad!)

“Don’t think any of the sketches were worthless.”  (Possibly the highest praise we received)

“Great variety of content and really innovative.  Visually very fun to watch.”

“…masturbation humor is too easy!”   (We write what we know)

“I like the wordplay mixed with social satire.”

“Everything was hysterical except don’t pick on helpless kittens and kids.”   (Never!)

“Explain it to me!”  (Where to begin?)

“Sketch variety and imagination was great!”

“More nudity, please.”   (We couldn’t agree more)

“Laughed my ass off.”   (Our condolences)

“I *heart* Dan.”   (Don’t we all?)